Remember last year when the clock would hit 8 PM? Missoulians would head outside and unleash a collection of howls that could be heard across town. It was an organized show of support for local healthcare workers - and it was a fun activity for the community as we battled through the unknown with COVID. I remember hearing the howls for the first time. I wasn't aware of what was going on so I remember wondering what animal was making noise out in the distance. Once I figured out what was really happening and told my daughters - they were out on the porch every night to howl.

Can we get everyone howling again?

Howling was pretty fun. Until the howling dwindled and eventually died out. It was kind of like American flags on people's porches and in their windows after 9/11. Everybody was doing it.....and then it just slowly faded away. But when it comes to the nightly howl - are you ready to bring it back? I saw somebody post on an online community page that howling was returning and they were trying to drum up some excitement and participation. Did you hear anything about it? I went back and checked the post today but it has turned into a whole discussion about masks vs. no masks and vaccinations vs. no most things do these days.

Will it catch on again?

I'm not sure if howling 2.0 got off to a successful start or not. After reading about it, I had forgotten all about the plan to howl by the time 8 PM rolled around. I also didn't hear anybody in our neighborhood or in the distance that seemed to be participating. I hope it can catch some momentum and provide a bit of fun for families around Missoula again. But, if movies have taught us anything, we all know that the sequel is never as good as the original. We'll have to see what the next few nights bring with the attempt to revive the howls.

If you want to participate - head outside and unleash your inner beast at 8 PM every night. Sure, it might feel a bit awkward if you're the only one doing it. But it'll also release a little pent-up stress and make you feel good.

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