I've deemed this pandemic, and 2020 as a whole, the great interrupter. Work, shopping, movies, concerts, sports, school, weddings, funerals, restaurants - everything you can think of has been affected in one way or another. We're just a couple weeks away from Halloween and we've seen yearly events scrapped and others seriously altered. But as a country we just keep plugging along and adapting the best that we can.

Holiday shopping is another thing that will look a bit different this year. Walmart was the first major retailer to announce they would be closed on Thanksgiving to allow employees to spend the holiday with their families. A lot of other companies followed Walmart's lead and it's nice to see the craziness of Black Friday won't steal the spotlight away from turkey time this year. Well, at least not as much as it would during a regular year.

Walmart is also the first company to announce a drastic overhaul of their Black Friday plans as a whole. This year will see them hold three separate days of in-store sales. They'll offer merchandise from different departments on the different days. Each week will also include online deals being available for days leading up to the in-store events.

Black Friday deals will now be spread over a large portion of November. A timeline of deals breaks down like this:

NOV 4 - online deals begin with toys, electronics and home products.
NOV 7 - in-store deals for toys, electronics and home products.
NOV 11 - online deals begin with TV's, computers, tablets, movies, music and more.
NOV 14 - in-store deals for TV's computers, tablets, movies, music and more.
NOV 25 - online traditional Black Friday deals on electronics, toys, apparel, home décor and more.
NOV 27 - in-store traditional Black Friday deals on electronics, toys, apparel, home décor and more.

The goal is to space out shoppers and contain crowds that are typically seen during the Black Friday events. Plus, the thinking is consumers are wanting to get a jump on holiday shopping this year. I'm all for it. I usually feel just a little too cramped having to wait until Thanksgiving for the big deals. Being able to take advantage of them throughout November sounds like a win for everybody.

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