Part of the show this morning was a discussion about how great it is when Missoula gets recognized for the amazing place that it is. We were just named to another list of best places to live in the country. They had some great things to say about Missoula and it makes me appreciate that we're able to live in a place that is held in high regard by others. But, I guess you have to take the ups with the downs when it comes to making lists - they can't all be positive.

Where do you rank yourself when it comes to keeping your house clean? I have a 5-year-old at home and it's our weekly battle. Most of the house is presentable and ready for unexpected company to pop in at any time. But once you enter her room it looks like she's trying to live the life that will qualify her for an episode of Hoarders.

Joybird is a home furnishing company that surveyed over 2,500 people and ranked each state based on their cleaning habits. You've probably already figured out that we didn't rank particularly well when the numbers were tallied. How bad was it for Montana? Lower half of the study? Yep, keep going. Bottom third? Yep. Worse? Montana was ranked near the bottom when it came to cleanliness. The survey showed over 21% of Montanans said they “rarely deep clean or tidy up all” or “hire a cleaning service near me”. For states with the messiest homes, Montana came in at #5 on the list.

It's kind of interesting that Idaho is right next door and came in at #5 on the list of states with tidiest homes......hmmm. If you're wondering, the cleanest was Connecticut. You can poke around and see some of the data here.

It's kind of like living somewhere with the reputation of having bad drivers. We all say "well, I can see that with everybody else......but not me." 😄

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