If you've listened to the morning show on KYSS Fm ( Mike and Charene) then you probably heard me talking about fishing... a lot. I'm not sure if it's this pro-longed winter we are having but that's all that's on my mind. Luckily I am taking a trip to Florida for my first time and fishing in the ocean for my first time. I need your help!  

Besides wanting great fishing tips for the Missoula area, I am in search of people who have fished in Florida. Even though I have been a researching fool, it's better to hear first hand where to go and what to fish for from someone who's been there. I am mainly interested in Shark fishing. Anyone ever do that? Is it better fishing on the west coast or east coast of Florida? I will not be going anywhere near South Florida, so the keys are not an option. If anybody in KYSS Country has been deep sea fishing, land fishing, shore fishing, tarpon fishing or any other kind of fishing In Florida please get a hold of me! I'd love some direction. Email me at charene@kyssfm.com

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