An annual event to honor your loved ones who have passed will have to be held online this year.

For around 30 years, Missoula's Garden City Funeral Home has held a candle lighting remembrance service in their chapel. But because of seating restrictions and other logistical problems due to COVID-19, they have decided to hold the annual candle lighting remembrance service via a live streaming event.

The service will be conducted this Sunday, December 6, at 2:00 p.m.  While the service has to be online, you are welcome to stop into Garden City Funeral Home on your own anytime this week to get a candle in someone's memory. They are located at 1705 West Broadway in Missoula.

The loss of loved ones and the inability to have as complete of a funeral service as we would like for them has to be one of the hardest and saddest consequences of coronavirus. Garden City Funeral Home and Crematory opened their new facility in the summer of 2012. The facility is beautifully decorated and offers a peaceful setting for your services. The facility offers a beautiful chapel, a community room for hosting receptions after services, which includes a full kitchen with refrigerator, stove, oven, microwave, dishwasher, and sink. They set up tables, tablecloths, chairs and coffee for your gathering and may also arrange for a caterer. They hope to be able to offer all these amenities again soon.

To be part of this Sunday's candle lighting remembrance live streaming event, simply visit Garden City Funeral Home's website here.


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