What does Homer Simpson always say when he's surprised?: D'OH! That must be how this crook felt.

AP tells us that police in Leicester, Mass., tracked down a shoplifting suspect thanks to Play-Doh. Walmart employees reported some anti-theft devices had been covered in Play-Doh, apparently to try to disable them. How ironic. The suspect left a fingerprint in the Play-Doh and what do you know! A forensics lab was able to work with that and they just happened to find a match.

No word on what 55-year-old Dennis Jackson was trying to steal, but I'm sure he used a bunch of four-letter words in disbelief that he got caught. All with ex CLAY mation points at the ends of them. It's too bad he wasn't trying to steal money from a bakery. We could have had a headline like, Play-Doh Dough Denies Dumb Dodo Dough. Okay, enough outta me.


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