It's crazy to even think about it - but summer is quickly slipping away. I don't want to startle you.....but Missoula County Schools have their first day of school on August 30. That's four and a half weeks! If right about now your thinking that you need to do something fun with the kids before they head back to class, or back to the kitchen table, or whatever it is we'll be doing when school's an option for some fun that'll be happening right here in Missoula.

Kids love monster trucks. Adults love monster trucks. There's going to be a monster truck in town. Do you see where I'm going with this? Get ready for RAMINATOR to make an appearance at Lithia Chrystler Jeep Dodge Ram of Missoula on Aug 6 & 7.

It's pretty awesome when you stand next to a big 'ol monster truck and get a feel for just how huge they really are. Kids are always in awe at how the tires are taller than they are. It looks like RAMINATOR will be there on Friday and Saturday - but Saturday will have all the action when the monster truck will be crushing cars!

Details from the Facebook event page:
"Come see the Raminator LIVE in car crushing Monster Truck action LIVE at Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram of Missoula Saturday, Aug. 7th at 2pm.

We'll have FREE FOOD, Free Drinks, and Free t-shirts to the first 25 people to show for our Monster Truck Raminator event!

The Raminator will be on display Friday from 11am to 7pm and Saturday from 9am to 5pm."

And since we're talking about larger-than-life vehicles.....did you see the Guinness Record Holder for the largest farm tractor is right here in Montana? It's an amazing piece of machinery with a pretty cool backstory about how it was made in Montana, was used in a couple different states, and eventually made its way back home. Check out the size of that bad boy!

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