Almost a million dollars will be coming to Missoula and Ravalli County aging services to help with Alzheimers and related dementias. Montana Senator Jon Tester said this week that the award of $996,415 will come from the US Department of Health and Human Services and will be targeted to help those afflicted with the diseases stay independent at home. The Missoula Aging Services has an Alzheimer's Disease Program Initiative, which was set up in a partnership with Hamilton's Ravalli County Council on Aging and Missoula's Opportunity Resources.

Tester said in a news release, "Folks with Alzheimers's diseases and related dementias - particularly those with intellectual disabilities - often have a hard time living alone, and with coronavirus forcing Montanans to stay socially distant, these seniors need as much support as they can get." Tester also recently announced a $1 million grant to help Montana's senior nutrition services.

Roberta Smith of Missoula Aging Services thanked the Senator, saying, "On behalf of older adults, families and caregivers that will benefit from this funding, we extend our deep appreciation to those who made this grant possible."

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