I now have two favorites on the NASCAR circuit. I’ve always liked Dale Earnhardt Jr. He’s a steady driver, a likeable guy and has a lot of respect for his fellow drivers. Just an all-around good guy. My other favorite driver is Danica Patrick.  I though she did a very good job in the Daytona 500. She was doing well in Phoenix until her right front tire blew and she hit the wall. Another reason I like her is exhibited in an interview she did with Alan Cavanna  during media day leading up to the Daytona. Watch the expression on her face when she gets a flower. It’s like,”a flower, hey I’m a driver who happens to be a female, enough already.”  She also doesn’t tolerate dumb questions from “talking heads.” I can see shades of a couple of other sports personalities. When it comes to dumb run on questions; Bobby Knight. And watch her eyes, she gets a squinty flinty glint to them which sort of reminds me on my all-time favorite driver Dale Earnhardt (God rest his soul). Yep I like Danica.