Things are movin' and shakin' over at Missoula International Airport. If you've flown recently - or shuttled someone to/from the airport - you've seen the progress that's being made on the new terminal project. I hadn't been to the airport in six months before I picked up my sister from a flight last week. Construction is really coming along on the new terminal and they're aiming to have it operational by the end of the year. It's nice to see it look like an actual building instead of just the incomplete shell that it was for some time.

More flight options continue to be added to our local airport and we shared news of a new Portland flight just two weeks ago. That new Allegiant service will begin in the early part of May and join the existing Alaska flight that currently runs between Missoula and Portland. The last year has been rough for airlines with the pandemic so it's nice to see that new options continue to pop up for Missoula travelers.

Nonstop service between Orange County, California and Missoula is officially underway with a new Allegiant offering. (Alaska also runs an Orange County flight but it includes a layover.) The inaugural flight for Allegiant's latest service arrived at Missoula International Airport last night and it will operate on Thursdays and Sunday.

You can get tickets for the Orange County and upcoming Portland flights for as low as $59. Although I took the Allegiant flight to Vegas in September.....and I will say the extra charges do start to add up when you want to check bags or add on other certain features. My ticket that started under $100 was quickly double the price. So just make sure you know what is and isn't included with the ticket prices.

If you've never been to Orange County, California - it might be worth checking out the new flight option. Book a quick trip and you'll be in the middle of some big fun with Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm, Laguna Beach and more!

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