Are you searching for things to do with the stay-at-home order in effect? I tried the home haircut and had some interesting results. Yesterday I had a project dropped in my lap and it helped fulfill my quest of finding stuff to keep me busy.

A package showed up yesterday from grandma. You can guess how jacked my 5-year-old was about things when we told her it was a jungle dome for the backyard. Let's just say the sooner I could get it assembled would be in the best interest of us all. I don't think I would have heard anything except "dad, can we build it now?" until I got the project started. So to keep some sanity in the house we jumped in. It took two hours but it wouldn't have mattered if it took five since there wasn't much else to do on a Friday night with the town shut down. Here's to hoping no injuries come from our time spent playing on the climbing dome.

There you have it. With that crossed off the list I guess I'm in search of my next project. What have you found to pass the time at home? Reading, TV shows, puzzles, games?

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