It's pretty hard not to love Halloween when you have kids. It's tough to find something that can make a child's face light up more than handfuls of free candy. Plus, all the chocolaty loot they collect means I get a break from spending money on sweet treats at the store for a few weeks.

And I won't pretend that I only enjoy Halloween because of my kiddos. Sure, I could bleach my hair, shave a couple lines in it, and throw on a Brian Bosworth jersey any ol' day of the week......but Halloween is the only day I can do it and nobody bats an eye.

Photo: TSM

The chill of a crisp fall day. The return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks. Yep, there's a few things that remind us that Halloween is on the way. But nothing signals that ghouls and goblins are on the way like seeing the Spirit Halloween store start to wake from its slumber.

I was driving down Russell Street over the weekend and noticed the Spirit Halloween store was starting to prep for opening. A quick visit to their website and it looks like they aim to open on September 10th. You can find the store at 1212 Longstaff Street.

BONUS: click HERE and you can score a coupon good for 20% off any single item. Perfect for getting your Halloween purchases started online before the store opens!

And if you're looking for some seasonal looks like Spirit Halloween is hiring. You can apply HERE.

Photo: TSM


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