A Carousel for Missoula has announced some pretty exciting news that will change the way our favorite painted ponies are powered. Whoa, I think I just created a pretty solid tongue twister there! Try saying "our favorite painted ponies are powered" five times fast. Sorry, I got a little sidetracked but I'm back and focused on this cool announcement from the Carousel that will see solar panels being installed by the end of the month.

I feel the need, the need for solar speed!

A press release from A Carousel for Missoula says the project is taking a big step in helping the Carousel, as well as the planet, be sustainable for future generations. The project is made possible in part because of a $27,000 grant from Northwestern Energy as well as Big Sky Solar and Wind donating a significant portion of their fees as they install (32) 360-watt solar panels on the roof of the Carousel building. The plan is to have the ponies be solar powered by the summer.

The Carousel will also incorporate new educational pieces

It sounds like we won't have to wonder just how much power the new solar panels will be providing. Viewing a computer, guests at the Carousel will be able to see the amount of electricity being produced as well as learn about how the Carousel's energy consumption compares to other uses of energy. Another addition to the Carousel will be a dragon that will serve the purpose of encouraging people to throw away their waste. The press release described it with the following:

Outside, between the Carousel and Dragon Hollow, a dragon will lurk in his lair, inviting park visitors to deposit trash, recyclables and compost in appropriately labeled receptacles. Those depositing items will be rewarded with lights and sounds from the dragon. The dragon and his lair will be the creation of John Thompson of Hobby Horse Arts, who is carving the dragon; Dirik Dubay, of Western Montana Patio, who is creating the lair; and Mike Sudik of Big Sky Solar and Wind, who will give the dragon lights and a mighty roar.

It all sounds like exciting changes for A Carousel for Missoula

The Carousel invites anyone that would like to donate to the solar panel or garbage dragon projects to call 406-549-8382 or email mslacarousel@gmail.com. Donations of $1000 or more will be recognized on permanent signage.

View the press release from A Carousel for Missoula HERE.

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