While they won't be able to compete in the Westminster Kennel Club show until next year, they still finally earned some major recognition.

The Azawakh has become the 193rd breed of dog recognized by the American Kennel Club. I had never heard of them and obviously know nothing about them, but they sound like a pretty cool pooch!

The Azawakh (say 'OZ - uh - walk') comes from West Africa. They are long-legged with sleek coats, not real big but certainly not a dainty dog. They are traditionally a mainstay among nomads and are highly regarded as excellent hunters and companions in some of Africa's desert regions.

Azawakhs are said to be very loyal to their owners and not real comfortable around strangers, but not known to bark a lot. In order to make the AKC Recognized Breed List, there have to be at least hundreds of them around the country to qualify, so maybe they're an up-and-comer. They are now eligible to compete in many dog shows, but won't be eligible for the big Westminster show till next year.

Any Azawakh owners out there, congrats! Your dog is getting some props.

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