Technology over the last few years has really given creators so many different avenues to develop new, experimental ways to tell stories. Netflix has done a few interactive, choose-your-own-adventure stories with shows like Black Mirror and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt that would have been impossible a few years ago; comedians have developed videos on TikTok and have gone on to create their own hour-long comedy specials; and now, a new Missoula-based app will send you through downtown Missoula to experience a new play from the Montana Repertory Theatre.

The app is called GoPlay!, and it was actually developed by some students at the University of Montana. It takes you through a play called The Phantom Bride, and here's how it works - you go to the Kettlehouse location on Myrtle Street, and the play starts there. The app takes you on a walking loop through twelve different stops in downtown Missoula, including The Roxy Theater and the Missoula Public Library. Eventually, the loop stops at Conflux Brewing, where the play ends and you'll have experienced the full narrative.

This is such a cool, unique idea and it sounds like the Montana Repertory Theatre is planning to use the app for future walking productions, too. It started as an experiment to continue their craft during the pandemic, and now it may become a featured mainstay of their upcoming season.

Think you'd try something out like this? Have you got any ideas for other locations in Missoula that you would incorporate into some kind of narrative?

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