After making eight stops at stores over the last four days I gave up on chasing the dream of replenishing the toilet paper supply around our place. I had my sister drop me six rolls in the mail to tide me over. I also took the easy way out and placed an order with Amazon so I should have twelve glorious rolls arriving by the end of the week.

But I got a text today from a friend telling me that they found toilet paper at Costco. She said there was a decent amount and everybody was being limited to one package. I didn't make it to the store but hopefully it's a sign that the great toilet paper craze is starting to give way to some normality.

Sure, it's mostly political arguing and other garbage that makes you roll your eyes, but once in a while the internet provides a little something that makes you chuckle. I got a pretty good kick out of this picture as I was scrolling through Facebook today.

Haha! Don't tell me you wouldn't try and grab that roll right about now. It's good to find a few extra reasons to laugh with all the uneasiness we've all been feeling the last couple of weeks.

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