The City and County of Missoula are hosting a full week of looking at the design process for the Mullan Road area on Missoula’s northwest side.

The event will be from March 23rd to the 27th as community members are invited to provide input to the Mullan Area Master Plan for the nearly 2,000 acres included in the plan.

Senior Planner for the City of Missoula, Tom Zavitz said the recent BUILD grant began the process of planning for development of the area, and that’s where the public’s input is needed.

“With the road system comes development and so we’re partnering with the county to do a master planning of that area where the roads are proposed to be built,” said Zavitz. “The master planning project and Charette process is set up to get comments from neighbors, the community, the landowners and any other stakeholders such as the airport to get everybody in the same room together so that our master planning consultant can process all the public input.”

Zavitz said the process is meant to provide a master blueprint for development of the area.

“The Charette process is very similar to the one the consultant did for the Downtown Master Plan, and in fact, it’s the same consultant,” he said. “The first Charette will be Monday night out at Hellgate Elementary. It’s basically a workshop where everybody sits down, draws on maps and asks questions and offers suggestions as to what they’d like to see happen in the area and what concerns they might have. Obviously, traffic is going to be a big one.”

Following the Charette there will be a second planning stage.

“Then, we move into a three day sort of open house, which they’re calling a design studio and that will be in the Downtown Marriot Mercantile hotel, and that will be on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, March 24, 25 and 26,” he said. “Then on Friday night they’ll present their findings and some initial design options at the Barn on Mullan where the consultant can do a presentation at the Ranch Club golf course at 44 Ranch Estates.”

Get details of the planning events here.

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