So we started this Halloween season in Missoula with a couple of bummer news stories - the Missoula Haunted House was officially not coming back this season, and the Missoula Maze had been sold off to new owners and would also not be making its return. That's two pretty major Halloween traditions in town that were just suddenly gone.

But here's the good news - there are still plenty of other cool Halloween events that are gonna be happening this month! While we'll miss the haunted house and the maze, we can take comfort with any of these awesome events and contests that are taking place throughout Missoula and beyond. Here are eight of the best things you can do in Missoula leading up to Halloween this year.

8 Great Ways To Spend Halloween In Missoula This Year

Here are just some of the exciting events that are happening all around Missoula to celebrate the Halloween season in 2021.

Where to Get Halloween Costumes In Missoula

Need a costume for Halloween? Here are a few places in Missoula where you can go.

How Pumpkins for the Pov Helps Missoulians

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