It has been a strange time for schooling. The education landscape has been wild since the start of the pandemic. Lots of parents had to become home school teachers for the spring semester of school. And parents just rolled with the punches as they were not familiar with home schooling, and also juggling the stay at home order and the pandemic in general. But thankfully we made it to summer, hoping that fall would be different. Well, it is different. VERY DIFFERENT! Class schedules are all over the board, with some students doing "hybrid classes" which is a combination of distance learning and in class attendance. While other students are strictly distance learning via zoom and google classroom.

Today marks our households first day of distance learning. We were up and ready for school, like any other normal school day. Except oday we didnt have that commute to class. We set up a workspace suitable for learning via a laptop, complete with all the general supplies. But, there is something about it that is just strange. There has got to be a way to make at home learning feel more like school. One great way to do that it to whip up some lunch lady inspired recipes for the daily lunch break.

Some of our favorites include:

  1. Sloppy Joes (Browned hamburger mixed with ketchup and mustard, served on a bun)
  2. Mac n Cheese with Hot Dogs ( Best way to class up your classic box of mac n cheese)
  3. Quesadilla (2 tortillas and plenty of cheese.)
  4. Walking tacos (taco meat, cheese, sour cream and small bag of either fritos or doritos)
  5. Fish stick tacos (fish sticks, cabbage, white sauce [equal parts mayo and sour cream with lime juice] served on warm tortilla.

Check out some other great recipes that are easy for at home learning students and parents.


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