Like most hometowns, there are always qualities that make it special and set it apart from everywhere else. Missoula for example, is known as the home of the University of Montana, the best breweries in the state and the best ice cream shops!

But we definitely like to do things our own way in the 406. Including knowing how to say certain words and understanding Missoula slang.

With that said, here are 5 words you'll know if you're from Missoula:

  1. Bonner
    1. I know it seems silly, and may make you question my intellectual level, but I for sure called Bonner Park - Boner Park - for my first 2 years at UM. Needless to say I was a bit embarrassed when my friend's mother finally told me the correct pronunciation.
  2. Meagher
    1. As in The Thomas Meagher Bar.
  3. Butte
    1. This one is kind of self-explanatory.
  4. Monte
    1. If you don't know the University of Montana's mascot, are you even from Missoula?!
  5. Missoula
    1. You'd be surprised by how many people outside of Missoula and Montana don't know how to properly pronounce Missoula!

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