We are so excited to have the first app of it's kind, dedicated to Western Montana and Country Music. It's available in ALL app stores, just search 94.9 KYSS-FM! There are plenty of reasons as to why you should download our new app but here are the five most important reasons.


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    Easiest Way to Win Prizes!

    You can enter all of our digital contests through our app!

    Instead of having to toggle through Facebook, YouTube, and our website the app takes care of everything.

  • Photo courtesy of Tan Curtis
    Photo courtesy of Tan Curtis

    Stay in the Know About Western Montana

    All information from our website is readily available through our app!

    It's horrible when you're on vacation and don't know what is going on in your home town, so let us help you stay connected.

  • Photo courtesy of Okea/Thinkstock
    Photo courtesy of Okea/Thinkstock

    Listen to KYSS-FM Anywhere You Go

    No matter where you decide to go on vacation, you can listen to KYSS-FM through your app!

    If you're traveling and don't know where to find your favorite Country music, just grab your phone open the app and you're all set.

  • Charene Herrera TSM
    Charene Herrera TSM

    Contact Your Favorite DJ's

    You can contact Billy, Charene, Woody, or Denny through our app!

    If you have ever wanted a quick easy way to interact with your favorite radio DJ's this will make it happen. And we love it when you chat with us!

  • Photo courtesy of Getty Images
    Photo courtesy of Getty Images

    News, Traffic, and Weather Updates

    You can modify your settings on the app to get news, weather, and traffic updates on the app!

    If there is important information like a traffic accident on Reserve Street we will keep you in the know so you aren't stuck in a huge traffic mess.

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