With Halloween less than a week away, I feel like now would be a good reminder to everyone of the candies that can do serious damage to our pets if they consume them. I found this great information from Petsbest.com, and had to pass it along to you. Here is the list of 5 Halloween Candies that should never be left out around your pets:


  • igottacreate.blogspot.com

    Candy Corn & Other High Sugar Candy

    The sugar can cause horrible gas and even diarrhea when consumed by dogs and cats.
  • Juanmonino

    Chocolate Covered Anything!

    Chocolate can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and seizures. Chocolate covered raisins are the worst, as raisins can cause kidney failure.
  • Jennifer Barrow

    Candy with Wrappers

    Most animals don't remove the wrapper before eating candy, and those wrappers can easily cause a problem within intestines.
  • Candan Susoy

    Bite Sized Hard Candy

    Hard candy when mixed with saliva makes the treats slippery and often get inhaled by animals not eaten.
  • xavigm

    Sugar Free Gum

    Most gums include Xylitol, which causes seizures, and often times liver failure.