KGVO received a press release from Ravalli County Sheriff Steve Holton just before 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, about a 21 year-old Connor, Montana man who was killed in a hunting accident on Sunday morning, the final day of the general rifle season.

The press release follows:

'Ravalli County Sheriff - Coroner Steve Holton said Sheriff's Deputies and a Deputy Coroner responded to a fatal hunting accident Sunday morning in the West Fork area of Ravalli County.

The RCSO responded after being notified by citizens who found the victim near a trail head.  A 21-year-old Conner man was pronounced deceased at the scene, due to an apparent single gunshot wound. 

Sheriff Holton said the investigation is still under way, but at this point there is nothing to indicate the incident was anything other than a tragic accident.  The victim was hunting alone, and there is no evidence any other people were involved. 

The Ravalli County Sheriff's Office extends their sincere sympathies to the family and friends of the young man. The victim's name is not being released until the family has time to notify relatives and friends.'

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