Froth-ty the Snowman? Well, maybe not, but for those of you who love a fine craft beer, don't "pass" on this one.

If you love beer and enjoy travel adventures, about 70 establishments in Montana alone are participating. That means you likely wouldn't have to travel too far if you wanted to enjoy a tasty brew close to home.

The "Reel (correct spelling) Craft Pass" is a fun and affordable way to sample some micro brews that maybe you haven't tried yet. Just bring your pass with you to participating locations. When you purchase a beverage, show your pass and get a second one for free, or two for 50% off, depending on the state and the brewery. Just show the booklet and correct page when you order.

Yep, Montana, along with Wyoming and Idaho, is one of many states participating nationwide in Reel Craft Pass. The one-time annual pass fee varies from state to state. Montana's price is $25 for 2024. The booklet will be stamped or signed to show proof that the coupon has been redeemed at each establishment you visit. Passes will be valid until December 31st, 2024.

So, why "Reel" and not "Real?" A portion from every booklet sale is donated to the Trout Unlimited Chapters of each particular state.

Besides Montana, Idaho and Wyoming, booklets are available in the Spokane area, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Mexico, West Virginia and Wisconsin. Not sure why they specify Spokane and not the whole state of Washington, but that's the offer.

If you need an awesome stocking-stuffer for the beer aficionado on your Christmas list, or you want to treat yourself, the Reel Craft Pass is available now. You can see all the Montana locations participating and order your pass here.

Have fun and of course, please indulge responsibly.

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