It's almost, the most wonderful time of the year, and the holiday advertisements are here to prove it. Christmas is a favorite holiday to many people so it's not a surprise to see these ad's released already. I have seen on Facebook that lots of people already have OCD, Obsessive Christmas Disorder.  Among some of the items in the new catalog are:

a $90,000 space trip called World View Exploration at the Edge of Space ... a hot air balloon takes you up 100,000 feet above the Earth.

a $95,000 limited edition Mustang convertible with 700 horsepower

three guitars for $30,000. The guitars are named after Steve Miller, Lyle Lovett and Billy Gibbons.

$50 Christian Louboutin nail polish

a $150,000 motorcycle ride

a $150,000 tour of Italy

Too see the full list Neiman Marcus.

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