When you are going on your first salt water fly fishing trip you tend to forget how much actually goes into it. this weekend I got a couple steps closer to being ready for the trip.

I didn't realize that it is important to re-line your reels with salt water line and it isn't as important if you aren't going to go a lot or if you aren't going for long. I may not be going for long but I didn't want to risk it and I will be salt water fishing more I am sure so having the line works. So this weekend I was able to get my stuff taken care of and got some great salt water line on my Orvis Hydros SL reel. Also while I was there I landed an awesome lanyard that the rep for Orvis gave me. His wife designs them in Montana and also has other things like a tippet tool that was neat too. The lanyard is more feminine and girly, turquoise style with sterling silver beads. This is to carry nippers, clamps, float-ant, etc.

I am that much closer to being ready for this trip and of course I am over prepared... or maybe I am not. I still need to make sure I have enough flies and a collapsible stripping basket, as well as many other things.... wish me luck!


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