Things got a little messy in the "Magic City" over the weekend. A 30 car pile up was reported on I-90, this past Saturday. The accident took place on a bridge that crosses the Yellowstone River. Slick roads led to multiple semi trucks and other vehicles to clog the flow of traffic on the bridge. After being hit multiple times by semi trucks, one car was seen dangling off the edge of the bridge. That car contained a woman and her 2 young kids.

Other victims of the crash quickly took it upon themselves to try and save the mother and kids from taking an icy plunge into the Yellowstone River.

According to KTVQ

Celea Poitra, 19, and Gahge Whiteman, 17, both have multiple broken bones and other injuries after falling about 60 feet from the I-90 Yellowstone River bridge. 

Before the teens were able to pull the children and mother out of the car, vibrations from other vehicles hitting the pile-up launched both of them off of the bridge to the ground about 60 feet below.

You can't even imagine how terrifying that would be. With all the weight from all those big rigs and cars weighing down on the bridge. Only to have the bridge violently vibrate every time another collision happened. Causing you to be tossed over the bridge to a 60 foot drop.

Thankfully the teens survived the fall, and are recovering at the local hospital. The mother and kids they were attempting to rescue did make it to safety, after yet another hero stepped in to help.

According to KTVQ

The mother inside the precariously perched vehicle was Kylee Marie. She told Q2 on Sunday her vehicle was hit by three semi trucks and multiple other vehicles. Marie said a man named Ryan Doran and another person eventually got her kids out of the vehicle and brought to safety on the side of the road.

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