Don't look now - we're officially under three weeks until Valentine's Day! That sentence either got you excited or gave you a slight panic attack. We didn't start to feel the effects of the pandemic until the middle of March last year. So even thought it feels like we've been in the middle of this craziness FOREVER - Valentine's Day 2020 wasn't really affected by COVID restrictions like this year will be.

Big nights out on the town and romantic getaways might not be in the plans this year, the way they have been in the past. I suppose you can use that to your advantage - it can be part of your excuse for not having the most over-the-top plans. But on the flipside, it could also push you to find new ways to make the evening memorable.

I found a pretty random article on Twitter today called 17 Places in Missoula to Choose for a Romantic Date. It was on a website called and after doing a little digging on their site I have no idea why they would be writing a story about Missoula. It appears that the website originates from New York and there isn't much else that relates to Missoula or Montana. It seems like a really random article but it also appears that people can submit local content to the website. So it feels like either somebody visited Missoula and wrote about some of the great places around town, or a local shared their thoughts about some of their favorite locations.

I'll admit, this doesn't exactly seem like the best list of romantic spots in Missoula - especially when one of the place on the list is Spokane! Ha! But check out the article and the list HERE. I've also shared a couple examples below. Even thought it may not be the greatest list, and some places are actually a bit outside of Missoula despite the title of the article, there might be a place or two that you've yet to experience.

Ten Spoon Vineyard and Winery
If you and your date are wine lovers, then you can go for wine tasting at ten Spoon Vineyard and winery. With different blends of wine available, it is going to be a fun experience and a great way to create memories. You could also take memorable photos while at it to cement the experience in your mind for years to come.

Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge
If you and your partner are animal lovers, then nothing beats a visit to a wildlife resort. Luckily, in Missoula, there’s one such resort. Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge covers over 2,700 acres of land and has 2 and a half miles of a walking trail. It is home to 238 species of birds and it is a great destination for animal lovers to go and spend time at.

Kootenai Creek Trail
One romantic thing to do in Missoula is to go hiking. At Kootenai Creek Trail, you have an opportunity to both spend time with your partner and challenge yourself physically. This destination has one of the best hiking spots with breathtaking views and calm, peaceful surroundings. You can take a hike of 1-2 miles, or if you are up for a more challenging one, you could go for 12-13 miles.

Do you have any ideas for Valentine's Day romance in Missoula? Let us know what you would suggest for date ideas.

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