In the past month I have been fortunate enough to travel not only to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico but also Las Vegas, Nevada. Both trips were very enjoyable having lots of fun on both and enjoying lots of sunshine.

But when traveling there are always going to be annoyances, like recently on my trip home from Las Vegas my seat on the plane was not working correctly and automatically leaned backwards. The person behind me didn't know the seat was broken and obviously didn't like how far back the seat was going because I kept getting a knee in the back of my seat every so often. Oh well, if that was the worst thing that happened they were both great trips. just came out with their 'Passengers from Hell survey', so basically the worst things you can do on a flight to aggravate the passengers around you. Check out their list, and see if there is anything you would add.

  1. Stinky Passengers
  2. Out-of-control Children
  3. Obnoxious Seat Recliners... (remember my seat was broken) :)
  4. Armrest Hogs
  5. Carry-On Baggage Abusers
  6. Weak Bladder Passengers
  7. Chatterboxes
  8. People Who Stretch and Exercise in the Aisle
  9. Arrogant or Demanding Passengers
  10. Window Hoggers

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