I found out over the weekend one of my dogs (Koda), has a new hobby, and it's driving me nuts. His new favorite game to play is collect as many shoes as possible, flip flops included, and taken them outside into the yard. I am counting my blessings that he isn't destroying the shoes in the process, but it's hard to remember that after finding six random shoes outside.

What I find odd is that he hadn't shown this behavior until just recently and he is four years old. It could be part of the transition of adding a new dog (Gypsy) to our home or maybe he just has a new hobby. Either way I have to find a way to eliminate this behavior, it's going to start with not leaving the back sliding glass door open for him to take shoes outside.

Photo courtesy of Harry Engels/Getty Images
Photo courtesy of Harry Engels/Getty Images

What unusual behavior habits does your dog have?


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