Do you love board games? Have you found yourself spending a little more time playing games than you did before? I would guess board games and puzzles are probably being pulled out of the closet a little more frequently now that we all have the extra time at home.

I was always a fan of the classics......Monopoly, Trouble, Sorry.  Another one of my favorites was Stratego. Now that I have kids I'm stuck in the world of Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, and Hi-Ho Cherry-O.

Thrillist put out a list of 10 Insanely Fun Board Games to Buy Right Now. It doesn't include any classics. These are more recent games. But you might see something interesting that would be fun to play at home while you practice this fun thing called social distancing.

Check out their list HERE.

What would you list as your favorite board games?

Here's a video with some more ideas.

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