world cup

It’s Mick Jaggers Fault?
Brazilians are still reeling over their crushing loss to Germany yesterday and are trying to figure out what went wrong. Was the team unprepared? Was Germany just too strong? Was it Mick Jagger's fault?
Yes, the legendary rock star has become a convenient scapegoat due to his track record of jin…
Saddest Fan at World Cup
With millions of devastated Brazilian fans following the loss the Germany, it's hard to pick out the saddest fan. But this guy, clutching his replica World Cup trophy, might be the one.
World Cup: Take Today Off
Team USA has a huge game against Germany today and head coach Juergen Klinsmann wants all American eyes and ears on the game, even if it means missing work today.
Brazil Turns to Psychic Turtle?
The World Cup kicks off today (Thursday) in Brazil and the host country will win its first-round match – according to a psychic turtle.
Brazil turned to its favorite loggerhead turtle named Cabecao, or Big Head, to predict a winner in the opening round match against Croatia.