Brazilians are still reeling over their crushing loss to Germany yesterday and are trying to figure out what went wrong. Was the team unprepared? Was Germany just too strong? Was it Mick Jagger's fault?
Yes, the legendary rock star has become a convenient scapegoat due to his track record of jinxing World Cup teams. The jinx goes back to the 2010 World Cup when every team that Jagger supported lost. He supported team USA when it lost to Ghana. He then supported England, which lost to Germany. He then wore a Brazil shirt to the match against the Netherlands which the Dutch won. He also picked Argentina to win the World Cup days before they lost to Germany.
This year, Jagger picked Portugal and England to advance to the final. Neither team made it to the knockout round. Word of the Jagger jinx was out and many Brazilian fans were hoping he'd keep his mouth shut going into yesterday's game. He did, but he attended the game with his son who was wearing a Brazil shirt and we all saw what happened. (Deadspin)