Earlier this week we stumbled across the story of Alisa Hoke, a young, enthusiastic Missoula girl who has been battling a brain tumor since 2008. What really got our attention was her YouTube video message intended for NFL quarterback Tim Tebow. Last week, Alisa, like others in the community, learned that Tebow was going to be making an appearance in Missoula in March and it was her dream of all dreams to meet the superstar athlete in person.

Zoo FM sprung into action and spent all morning making phone call after phone call, attempting to inspire anyone who might be connected to the upcoming event with her story. Sure enough, with the generous help and donations of City Life Community Center and 107.5 Zoo FM’s parent company Townsquare Media, Alisa’s dream will indeed be coming true:

Hear the exclusive interview with Alisa, including her reaction when we told her that she’d be meeting Tim Tebow:

She stopped by the Zoo FM studio Wednesday and we got to meet Alisa and her mom in person.

Alisa, congratulations! We are so excited to make this connection for you and hope that it’s everything you dreamed of. Special thanks to Brent at City Life Community Center, Shawna Batt (our valiant GM here at Townsquare Missoula), and our co-worker Paul Schmit for helping move the process along even faster.

Here, by the way, is the video that inspired us to help: