It is a constant mantra in Montana this time of year: Clean. Drain. Dry. And it's still obvious that we can't be too diligent.

A Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks watercraft inspection station intercepted a boat carrying zebra mussels a few days ago. As is often the case, the boat originated out of state. It was a cabin cruiser that was being transported from Ohio to Puget Sound in Washington.

The inspection turned up many mussels in a number of areas on the watercraft., which was wrapped in shrink wrap. Inspectors hot-washed the boat, but were not able to flush the motors or bilge pump. The transporter of the boat was not the owner and did not have keys to the boat. Officials in Idaho and Washington were notified.

Folks, remember, all those transporting motorized or nonmotorized boats into Montana are required to stop at the check stations and must have their watercraft inspected before launching. And it's the time of year when people are coming from other parts of the country and may have unwanted passengers stuck to their boats which could drastically effect our waters. That was clearly the case here!

Montana FWP provides some great Clean, Drain, Dry information here.

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