Even though most businesses have closed or have employees working from home, there are still essential jobs and employees that cannot simply "work from home." There are obviously the heroes on the front lines, like doctors and nurses, who are not able to try and avoid the virus like the rest of us. But, think of the other jobs that people are still waking up and going to everyday, that we may take for granted.

Think about the gas station employees that are dealing with travelers who may have come from a heavily infected community. Think of the cable guys and internet providers who are making sure you can stream your favorite shows during your self quarantine. Also, think about the grocery store employees, who have seen the never ending panic and fear from customers for days, but still manage to stock the shelves as fast as they can.

A young boy from Hayden Idaho, recently wrote a note to the employees of his local Super 1 grocery store. He wanted them to know that their help during this crisis was appreciated.

In our current world of uncertainty and fear, BE LIKE JAGER!

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