Montana is super awesome, obviously. I mean look at the influx of out-of-staters moving here, but do they know about this Montana-themed drinking game?

There are so many cool "Montana-only" things we locals might not even think about, like the letters on the mountains, think the M or L here in Missoula. One we all know is the county numbers on license plates. And why wouldn't we take these Montana-themed goodies and turn them into a drinking game?  County license plate trivia is one of my absolute favorites. Here is how it works.

Gather a group of friends, and plenty of beer ( I mean like, a lot of beer). You'll need one person to be the trivia master who, unfortunately, won't be playing, but this is actually a bonus because they can act as the designated driver if needed. You'll need a list of the county/city numbers and the name of the county/cities they are attached to. I've put the list down below for your convenience. You're welcome.

The trivia master will read out a random number on the list, and each person one at a time will have to correctly guess where in Montana that number is from.  Example #4 = Missoula.  If they get the answer wrong, they have to drink. Get it right, and you're safe. Now if you're a true Montanan, most of these will be super easy. Are you from out of state? Well then get ready to throw up all over your shoes. It starts to get really tough when you run into the higher numbers with super small towns that nobody has heard of. Now, here is the part where I tell you to have fun, but please play responsibly. It's a rad game because you get a little Montana knowledge, and you get to drink beer while doing it. I also suggest you stick to light beer because you're going to be drinking a lot of it.

Click here for the list of county license plate numbers, courtesy of

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