There's nothing like the great outdoors! I say that as more of a guy repeating a popular phrase than I do as someone that has ever spent much time in nature. Sure, I've "camped" plenty of times before but it's usually been in an RV with all the services you would have at home. But I think I've only been REAL camping once. And by real camping I'm talking about pitching a tent camping, where you have to make a fire to eat camping.......where you spend half of the night worrying about what creatures can get you - type of camping.

But if the outdoors are your thing, and you can tell a story about why they are, you could win an overnight stay at Cummings Cabin near Lincoln this Summer. If the pandemic has inspired you to get outside and enjoy Montana's public lands - you need to enter this contest presented by Helena-Lewis & Clark National Forest and the Montana Discovery Foundation. Through March 22, you can submit a story (500 words or less) and tell how Montana public lands have had a positive impact on your life over the past year.

Did some time in nature help you clear your mind? Help you forget your problems? Did it lower your stress or help you realize what's really important? Put pen to paper and tell your story!

I was checking out Cummings Cabin and it looks pretty cool. Here's some info from the Forest Service website:

"Located 8.5 miles east of Lincoln, Montana, Cummings Cabin is a historic structure, representative of the old mining cabins that dotted the countryside in the greater Lincoln area around 1910. The cabin has been determined eligible for inclusion to the National Register of Historic Places.  Today, the cabin is a rustic getaway for guests seeking relaxation and recreation in the Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest. The cabin has a hand pump for water, propane range, propane lights, a wood stove, silverware, dishes, cleaning supplies, outdoor fire ring, 2 full size beds and one twin bed.  In the snow free months guests can drive directly to the cabin, but in the winter be prepared to snow shoe or ski up to a mile to get to the cabin."

There's two categories for the contest: Youth = ages 18 and under  |  General = all other ages. Make sure to include your name, number, email, and what age category you're submitting for. Include "Winter Writing Contest" in the subject line and submit your story to before 5 PM on March 22.

For more details about the contest, visit the Montana Discovery Foundation website.

Learn more about the Montana Discovery Foundation and their mission in this KPAX article.

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