Nobody is really sure when we'll get back to the "normal" way of doing things. I feel like I might have to be retrained at that point. It's been so long that I'm starting to forget what it's like to go somewhere for the purpose of doing some sort of activity.

At least there are places around town that are tweaking their services to try and offer up some forms of entertainment as we battle through the unknown way of the world.

Zootown Arts Community Center has a pretty cool thing going where you can still paint your own pottery - but you do it as a curbside service. It's a great idea! Grab the supplies from the ZACC, complete your project, return your finished piece and supplies, pick up the finished product after it's been fired.

Here's all the details.

Paint Your Own Pottery Curbside Service
Zootown Arts Community Center

Step 1: Look through our available pottery and add your desired pieces to your cart. Complete your payment and submit your order.
Click "Yes - Ship to this Address" to keep from re-entering your information.

Step 2: When we're notified of your order, we will select and package your items, notifying you when items are ready for pickup.
*We will collect your glaze preferences during this call.
**Orders placed after 5pm may be processed the following business day, during regular hours of ZACC operation.
***Please note the ZACC is doing its part and encourgaging staff to practice social distancing to help prevent spread of COVID-19, and to this point you may be asked to arrange a specific time for pickup when a staff is available to meet you.

Step 3: Pickup your pottery kit at the arranged time - your kit includes everything you need to complete your project!
Save the packing materials and use them to safely redeliver your pottery to the ZACC for firing!

Step 4: HAVE FUN!
Use the provided instructions for guidance as needed, and scroll through our Instagram for painting inspiration!

Step 5: Repackage and make arrangements to redeliver to the ZACC for firing.
Make drop-off arrangements by calling 406-549-7555 or emailing Dana at
Help us save the planet and remember to resuse your same bag and packaging - we'll use it to do the final packaging!

Step 6: When we collect enough pottery to safely run our kiln, we'll load it up and run it, contacting you when your pieces are complete.

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