Despite her recent marriage, domestic life seems anything but blissful for Wynonna Judd. The country music superstar has filed a lawsuit against Michael Ciminella, a Louisville, Ky. man who raised Judd as his daughter.

According to WDRB, the lawsuit alleges that Ciminella acquired property on Belgravia Court, near the intersection of W. Hill St. and S. 3rd St. in Louisville, in July of 1994. To obtain the property, as the suit specifies, Judd’s ‘dad’ gave her a mortgage and promissory note, agreeing to pay her $200,000 for the loan.

But according to papers filed recently on Judd’s behalf, an outstanding payment of $242,317 has yet to paid, with the country singer now demanding a payment in-full. The claim accuses Ciminella of breaching his contract and requests that the property be foreclosed on to pay the outstanding debt.

“As of February 2012, the amount due under the Loan Documents in favor of Judd is $242,317, representing the principal balance, plus accrued interest and late fees,” the lawsuit indicates. “Interest continues to accrue at the maximum rate as set forth in the Loan Documents until paid in full.”

Though Judd’s legal team has yet to comment, Ciminella’s counsel did issue a public statement. “It’s a shame that a daughter feels like she has to sue and evict her own father,” acknowledges Jeffrey D. Thompson. Thompson claims the property was a gift — not a loan — and that it’s in poor taste for Judd to reclaim the property 18 years after the fact.

“Now that she needs money, she is attempting to come and get it back,” Thompson added, speculating Judd filed suit in hopes to “compensate for her own diminishing career.”

Born Christina Claire Ciminella, Judd was raised by Ciminella, but it is thought that the singer is not his biological daughter. Ciminella and Naomi Judd divorced shortly after the birth of Judd’s sister, actress Ashley Judd, in 1968.

No judgement from the Louisville-Jefferson County Metro Department of Inspections, Permits and Licenses has been made at this time.

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