Well, whatever helps generate those tourist dollars, I guess you go with it. Weird but apparently working.

AP tells us that over 20,000 people got together in Bunol, Spain, to throw tomatoes at each other. And they didn't get to do it for free.

It's called the annual Tomatina Street Battle, which has obviously become a major tourist attraction. The event required 145 tons of ripe tomatoes, unloaded by six trucks into crowds lined up in the streets for the hour-long battle yesterday.

Immediately following the event, organizers hose down the streets completely awash in red pulp. Contestants are granted use of public showers. The event costs about $13 per participant. Amazingly, this goofy event was inspired by children who got in a food fight way back in 1945. I guess Montana could have the Thompson Falls Tomato Fight or the Townsend Tomato Toss or...well, enough of that.

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