When you're vegan and looking for a sweet treat, it can be hard to come by. Full disclosure: I'm not.

I honestly don't know if I have ever tried vegan anything, at least knowingly. That is not intended to put down those who choose to eat that way for any number of reasons. It's just not me. And maybe I wouldn't even know the difference.

Store-bought candy or desserts claiming to contain no animal ingredients, including gelatin, collagen, whey and milk solids, still tend to sneak their way into candies and confections, even ones considered to be healthier. With that in mind, another popular confection is going to test select markets. However, it does not sound like you'll be able to grab one at your favorite Missoula store anytime soon, but who knows.

So, will the iconic KitKat find a place in vegan vernacular? Yep, word comes from Switzerland that Nestle has plans to make a vegetable-based version of KitKat. Swiss. Chocolate. Makes sense if you're trying to achieve some notoriety, I guess. They have not divulged the new formula, but they have come up with a not-too-catchy name: KitKat V. Well...okay.

The Nestle company describes it as a "delicious plant-based option that delivers the perfect balance between crispy wafer and the smooth chocolate that people know and love." Now that sounds like pride  and confidence in your product.

Nestle plans to launch the KitKat V in several countries around the world later this year. If someone ever wants to break you off a piece of that KitKat V, don't be shy.


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