First, if you go to a dining establishment with no prices on the menus, you're probably in upscale, pricey territory to begin with.

But this story takes a weird turn toward gender discrimination involving color-coded His and Hers menus. And the restaurant is facing a fine because of it.

AP tells us that a famous seafood restaurant in Lima, Peru, La Rosa Nautica, is being fined the equivalent of $62,000 U.S. dollars by a government agency that says it engaged in gender discrimination by giving women in the company of men different menus than they give the men. The gals get yellow menus that do not have prices by the selections. The guys are given blue menus that do list prices.

So, let's say a couple is out on a date. The restaurant argues that the separate menus offer women the chance to enjoy a romantic evening without worrying about the cost.

We're pretty sure the fine was clearly marked on the government agency menu.

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