A woman that fell into McDonald Creek in Glacier National Park on Saturday, died yesterday as a result of the incident. Glacier National Park Management Assistant Denise Germann said the cause of death was drowning:

"Our initial investigation indicates that a 33-year-old woman from Buckley, WA, her name is Abigail Sylvester, she was with her husband along the creek, and she was trying to take a photo," Germann said. "She slipped and fell into the creek. The current swept her downstream."

Sylvester’s husband jumped into the creek in an attempt to save her, but had to self-rescue himself to the creek bank due to deep and fast-moving water at this location.

Germann adds that drowning is one of the leading causes of death in the park and wants to remind all visitors to use caution when hiking up Glacier, especially when around bodies of water.

"There's always a reminder for visitors to use caution around water and that's any body of water—If it's a lake, if it's a stream, if it's a river," Germann said. "Right now, just with the snowpack that we've had this year, our water is moving quickly, it's cold, it's high at many places, and the rocks, they're always slippery. So, please just use caution when you're around water."

Glacier park rangers are conducting an investigation.

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