Around 10 o'clock Friday morning, police were called after a woman was apparently chokeslammed in her home. Missoula Police Public Information officer Travis Welsh explains.

"Officers were called to a residence in the 700 block of Turner street for a disturbance between two adult females," Welsh said. "The complainant, who was unrelated to the disturbance, said one of the women was down on the ground and may need an ambulance."

Welsh says the victim was taken to the hospital by EMTs. Apparently the violence began after the victim reportedly called the suspect's mother a derogatory name.

"At one point, the suspect grabbed the the victim by the throat with both hands and then threw the woman to the ground causing injuries," Welsh said. "That woman is described as Melana Linscott who is 41 years-of-age. The victim in this case is 57-years-of-age."

Linscott received a felony assault charge for choking the woman, and a misdemeanor assault charge for throwing her to the ground. She also had two outstanding traffic violations that were added to the charges

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