I love to fly fish all year round and in the winter there is more then one worry and woe to think about while winter fly fishing. You have ice and cold water, changing conditions and bad weather, but there is one woe that stands out to me as the hardest one to deal with.

The one thing that gets me while winter fly fishing is the rod guides, also refereed to as eyelets, start getting iced up. The reason it bothers me most is that the other woes you encounter attempting to get to where you want to fly fish. The ice and the weather cause issues but once you get to where you can fish none of that really bothers you but when you really get to start fishing it really sucks to have to stop constantly to de-ice your guides. You would be surprised how fast they ice up. Then you have to go down and get the ice out of each one, before you can get your line back in the water.


Charene Herrera TSM
Charene Herrera TSM

    Winter Fly Fishing

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