Do you drink out of the same ol' coffee mug every morning? You know the've had it for could be stained, cracked, chipped or just downright ugly.

We want you to show us the sorry excuse for a mug that you use to transport your coffee from the pot to your mouth!

And if we deem yours worthy of an upgrade, we'll pick you as a winner, and provide you with a new Smith & Nelson coffee mug. We'll also throw in a bag of KYSS coffee from Hunter Bay Coffee Roasters as well as a $10 gift certificate to Hunter Bay so you can grab a cup of joe while you're on the go.


So.....let's see those ugly mugs of yours! Use your KYSS-FM app to enter by sending us your picture. From the app, just tap the 'MESSAGE US' button.

If you don't have the free KYSS app - GET IT HERE!

Our regular CONTEST RULES apply.

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