Okay, so I am probably way behind the times (does anybody even say that anymore?), but I have really been getting into craigslist lately. I’ve been on a roll selling stuff I don’t use left and right. I have to say I’m surprised and amused at some of the things people are buying or selling.

I love to look at what people want to buy or trade and see if I have anything I want to get rid of. It has been a great tool to help me de-clutter my house. I’ve been putting anything I don’t want or use any more up for sale. It’s great to have more money in my pocket and less clutter in my house. It almost becomes an addiction. My husband is scared that everything is for sale in our house, even him. (He may be right.)

I’ve been trying to gear up for a garage sale, but I feel like it is such a huge task to go through mountains of stuff and pick out what to keep and what to sell. I’ve found it is a little less daunting to just take a room or a section of the garage and go through that, sell the things I don’t want anymore and then move to the next area. The bonus is you don’t have to waste an entire weekend sitting out in front of your house hoping people will stop by buy all the stuff you don’t want anymore.  Garage sales are really hit or miss for me because I live outside of the city limits. You never know if you’re going to see just one person or 20.

Another great thing about Craigslist is that I always deal in cash transactions. I know that within the past few years, people had to start reporting income made from selling things on Ebay. Usually the people who buy your stuff on Craigslist are local and are paying some way other than through Paypal or with a credit card.

The next time you feel like purging your place of a few unwanted items and also want a little cash in your pocket, try Craigslist.

Joy Larson is a mother of four boys, graduate of The University of Montana, animal lover and writer.


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