A black bear had to be euthanized this week in Glacier National Park after it suffered injury from a rubber projectile.

Park rangers responded to a report of a black bear in an extremely full Many Glacier Campground Monday afternoon. Rangers first attempted to get the bear to leave by voice, but it would not leave the Swiftcurrent Inn and campground areas. A ranger then fired one rubber projectile hazing round. Unfortunately, the projectile pierced its abdomen.

Rangers and wildlife biologists determined that the bear had suffered a mortal injury. After park visitors were moved a safe distance from the area, the bear was euthanized with a shotgun. On Monday alone, rangers responded to seven different bear incidents in Many Glacier. In 15 years, the park estimates four bears have died as a result of hazing activities.

Hazing is a common technique used to try to push bears out of developed areas and back into more natural areas of behavior and foraging. When yelling, clapping, horns, etc., fail, bean bag and rubber projectile rounds are used. Once bears begin to frequent areas like campgrounds and parking lots, odds of food conditioning increase dramatically.

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