The Big Sky State is home to some quirky sporting events that will only be found here. Also, these weird sports depend on the time of year. 

Montana is a scenic place with gorgeous views, lovely people, and odd hobbies or sports for locals. There are certain sporting events that you will only see in Montana, depending on the area you might be in or the time of year. 

We all know about skijoring, a sport where a skier is pulled behind a horse. Skijoring is immensely popular here in Montana. Montana also has barstool races that happen once a year in Martin City, Montana, pig races in Red Lodge, and rock skipping competitions on Flathead Lake, but what about this? 

Barstool Sports posted a TikTok of what appears to be a game that can only be detailed as donkey basketball. This sport is not only incrediblebut I have to ask the question, where is this happening in Montana. The video says it's in Montana, but I grew up in Northwest Montana and never heard of this sport. 

@barstoolsports What in the country is going on here? @Barstool Outdoors ♬ original sound - Barstool Sports

Credit: Barstool Sports via TikTok

Donkey basketball looks like it would be a fun, relaxed game with friends or family. I do appreciate the people in the video being safe, and wearing helmets while they are on the donkeys. Safety first! It looks like this video was shot in Stanford, Montana, which is a small town near Lewistown. My biggest question is, what is the clean-up after a game like this. 

Either way, you have to appreciate the ingenuity of Montanans creating ways to have fun with what they have around them. 

Call me up next time because donkey basketball looks like a blast. 

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